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Integration is the backbone of digital transformations and APIs are the building blocks of every SAP customer who sells, buys or transports their products with its use. Int4 Suite guarantees business continuity of your integrated business processes


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Int4 Suite Products

Int4 Suite is the first software to its kind to incorporate the testing of full SAP integration landscape.

Int4 Suite

Int4 Suite is an all-inclusive platform designed for SAP API testing and service virtualization, effectively reducing project risks and costs from the beginning. It features Int4 APITester for automating SAP testing, Int4 Messenger for simulating 3rd-party systems and EDI partners, and Int4 Shield for automating integration platform testing.

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Int4 Messenger

3rd party system and EDI partner simulation. Take over the control of the core SAP program to remove the dependencies and reduce the infrastructure costs.
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Int4 Shield

Integration Platform Test Automation Solution. Guarantee the business and technical continuity of your SAP integration platform.

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Int4 APITester

SAP API Test Automation solution. Decouple your SAP S/4HANA program from third party systems and EDI partners.

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Int4 Suite Use Cases

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SAP S/4HANA Transformation INTEGRATION PLATFORM MIGRATION SAP API Test Automation 3rd-Party System Simulation EDI Partner Simulation

Common Challenges in SAP Digital Transformation Programs

Lack of Control over 3rd Party Systems

Dependency on third-party systems for large SAP S/4HANA transformation programs, like SAP RiseWithSAP and SAP BTP projects, can limit an organization’s ability to execute with the desired speed. Learn how to overcome this issue and gain control of your SAP project by simulating third-party systems.

Challenges in Ensuring Continuous Delivery for Multiple SAP Rollouts

Difficulty in running multiple SAP rollouts simultaneously can hinder an organization’s ability to execute large SAP S/4HANA transformation programs. Multiple project tracks can become complex to manage and maintain. Learn how to simplify the project track landscape by simulating third-party systems.

Slow Speed of SAP Brownfield and Selective Data Transition Projects

Brownfield and Selective Data Transition projects have specific deadlines and budgets, and their scope is mostly relevant to SAP landscapes. A lack of control over third-party systems can delay these programs and inflate budgets. Learn how to decouple SAP systems for Brownfield and Selective Data Transition by simulating out-of-scope systems.

Availability of 3rd Party Systems for SAP S/4HANA Greenfield Projects

SAP Greenfield projects often underestimate the effort required to coordinate all third-party systems that need to communicate with the SAP S/4HANA system. A lack of control over these systems and resources can impact SAP S/4HANA Greenfield implementation delivery. Why not simulate third-party and unavailable test systems to accelerate Greenfield implementations using Service Virtualization?

Challenges in Communication and Coordination with B2B/EDI Partners

Effective communication and coordination between a single SAP team and dozens or even hundreds of EDI partners can be challenging in large SAP S/4HANA projects. Failing to address this issue can lead to delays in SAP project delivery or non-functional EDI connectivity, where most sales and business processes are executed. Why not simulate EDI and B2B partners during testing phases to expedite SAP project implementations?

Limited Resources for Integration Platform Migrations

Integration Platform migration projects are technical endeavors where resources are not readily available. Learn how to save up to 65% of project time by deploying automated migration testing designed specifically for SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite migration testing.

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Glencore S/4HANA conversion - Case Study - Int4
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Glencore: S/4HANA conversion

Glencore AG – top commodity trader with offices and mines all over the world, founded in the 1970s. One of the world’s largest globally diversified natural resource companies. Listed in London Stock exchange.


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