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5 new features to look up at Int4 website

5 new features to look up at Int4 website
Wiktor Bogdanowicz Head of Marketing
icon__calendar 2020-04-14

In this article, I will present

New interesting features to look up at our brand new website, including:

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Let’s get started!

This is our previous website. It looks like a good old 2010′ website.


I mean, everything is fine there: it’s working and describing what we bring to the table, but let’s be frank – we’re more ambitious than that. We had to change something to get into 20’s in the right manner and… we made some huge changes (as you can see, obviously!).

Our primary goal was to provide you with the best experience possible and simplicity was our key, so we simplified this www. There’s more information about this philosophy in this piece of reading, written by Aleksandra Wykrota.

We also developed some cool features and now I’m going to show you our favorites!


1. New Int4 blog

You know us, we love writing for you! And the gut feeling analytics tools says that you love our blogs. That’s why we took the first step in designing proper Int4 blog functionalities to make the reading experience better for you. 


Grey TL;DR box

As you can see in the screenshot below, there’s a new grey area (hehe) at the beginning of every blog post. We added that, because we want you to know what to expect from the article, just after clicking the link. 


We value your time and if the blog doesn’t fit into your expectations or needs, you should know it, to avoid losing time on reading unrelated articles. 

Search options

If you didn’t find what you are looking for in a particular article – don’t worry about it. You can easily find any article by using different search options.



As you can see from the example above, you can find interesting topics with searching by:

  • Tags – because “blog categories” are passe 😉
  • Authors – because each of us creates a looooot of blogs

Sharing is caring

If you find our content helpful or valuable and you want to share it, we made it much easier for you! Check it out:



One-click and done! Don’t forget to mention us in your post – we are always eager to interact and keep in touch with you 🙂


Don’t miss the updates!


We have the newsletter now and I pledge, as a guy who creates those, that I will never send you unreadable spammy BS (pardon my french!). I mean it, I will never send you annoying ads, promotional codes and other poor forms of advertising.

We respect you and your time and that’s why our newsletter will only contain:


  • New blog articles roundup – in case you missed something
  • Info about the new releases of Int4 IFTT – we continuously develop our testing tool and we are always happy to tell you about new features
  • Event news – we enjoy meeting with you and we will tell you about our attendance on events
  • Educational content – e.g. our SAP Press Books (chapter or two), document templates, case studies, and many other forms
  • Any other ideas? We’d love to hear your opinion! Just drop us a line:

Lights, camera, action!

We love cameras! We already did an openSAP training and many more!  If you enjoy watching videos, like we enjoy producing them – just head into the Videos section on our website.


Don’t worry! We plan to produce more videos soon. Stay tuned 🙂


2. New contact possibilities

We believe in relationships and the dialog is a vital part of every strong relationship. We want to make it easier for you and this is why we developed some interesting possibilities to reach us out.


Contact us page

Now, by using our Contact page, you can specify a type of inquiry. It seems to be a small addition to a typical contact form, but what does it mean for you – your mail comes directly to the right person. Small addon, but it helps us to reach you out in a shorter time. Time is money, isn’t it?


Direct contact

If you are more into personal contact, forget about this form and scroll down the page. As you can see, there’s a More Contacts section waiting for you. Choose the department, click the button and reach us in person.



Book an Int4 IFTT demo

Int4 IFTT is our pride, no doubt. After all, it’s the only such automated, SAP-certified testing tool and we are happy to show you its capabilities. Do you want us to present you with a demo? Nada es imposible! Just head into the Int4 IFTT page and scroll down to the bottom. Two columns are waiting for you: contact form on the right side and booking tool on the left side.


Booking tool is really simple to use. That simple:

demo scheduling animation


When you know how to easily reach us out, let’s discuss some other interesting capabilities.


3. Partnership with Int4

Together we can achieve more, especially now, during the pandemic. I elaborated more on it in our COVID-19 Manifesto. If you are familiar with our “why”, let’s focus now on “how”.

First things first: we gathered together all of the important information about partnership possibilities with Int4 on the dedicated section. Just head into Company -> Partnership and you are there!

Now you can easily extend your services portfolio and accelerate your business with Int4.


As you can see, this section contains every information you need, to consider a partnership with us. You will find there some helpful details like:

  • Short overview on us and our solutions
  • Why should you consider partnering with us
  • What kind of support do we provide as a partner
  • What are the differences between membership levels
  • Partner program requirements
  • Details on how to apply and contact form

It’s a ton of useful information and if it’s not enough – you already know how to contact us!

Small hint:


When it comes to partnership, whisper a word to Tadeusz. He is the best person to give you guidance on partnership with Int4.








4. Int4 IFTT trial application


This is the big one!


We have enabled the application for a free Int4 IFTT trial. Now you can apply for trial in only a few clicks. Just click the Int4 IFTT Trial button and do the following steps:



    1. Fill the form with your actual data: your full name, business email address (no Hotmails, Gmails, etc., sorry!) and the company name.
    2. Click on the hyperlink below and read our General Terms and Conditions for free trial of Int4 IFTT – this is an important step, so don’t skip it. After reading the document carefully, mark the checkbox and you are good to go!
    3. Last step – mark the CAPTCHA checkbox. We need to know that you’re not a robot 😉
    4. Click “Send” and that’s it!

After submitting the form and considering your application, our sales team will contact you and deliver further information.

5. Careers at Int4


Last, but not least:Careers pages!


We’ve decided to build a complete HR-related information hub for everyone interested in joining us.


Meet us…

…and let us show you who we are.

Grow with us…


…because we are all about personal growth. This section will show you how we ensure our personal development. We also present some of our favorite success stories. 



Job offers


No more mails!


You can apply for a job without leaving the website, from now on. Use the application form, which is included in every job offer, and send us your CV! Don’t have one? No worries, just paste your LinkedIn profile and we’re fine! 



Recruitment FAQ

Any questions? Of course, you have some! Head into the last tab: FAQ and find the answers there! We’ve decided to sum up and answer all your common questions in this neat recruitment FAQ. 


In case you won’t find what you’re looking for, just use the form below and reach our HR department out. We are always eager to speak with you! 


Enough is enough!


That’s all folks! 


There are plenty more features to look up, but these are my favorites. I encourage you to browse through our website and find out even more interesting functionalities. I can assure you that there is more to see and learn.


Thank you for spending these few minutes with me. I hope you enjoy this piece of reading. If yes, show us the love by sharing it on social media 🙂 Also, don’t forget to tag us in your post – we love to interact with you on social media! 





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