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AIF 3.0 – int4 articles on SCN

icon__calendar 2015-01-24

Articles on SCN blog by Int4 consultants

Int4 consultants have published 4 new blogs on SCN – – on the latest SAP Application Interface Framework 3.0 (SAP AIF 3.0) features. SAP AIF 3.0 was released in October 2014 and includes a large number of new functions like:

  • Error handling – debug functions for tRFC, qRFC
  • Batch input monitoring
  • Mapping Analyzer – step by step information on each mapping step
  • Serialization – new serialization settings for parallel processing and external indexes
  • Core Interface (CIF) monitoring
  • Preprocessing – inserting mappings before the SAP standard backend integration technologies
  • Process Observer tight integration

New articles from Int4 team on AIF 3.0 include:

  1. Michal’s Tips: AIF 3.0 – tRFC monitoring (using table ARFCSSTATE)
  2. Michal’s Tips: AIF 3.0 – Serialization – parallel processing
  3. Michal’s Tips: AIF 3.0 – Mapping analyzer – intermediate results
  4. Michal’s Tips: AIF 3.0 – preprocessing function

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