AIF – Interface Determination for IDOC Interfaces – setup

icon__calendar 2020-03-17

AIF (Advanced Interface Framework)

allows to define multiple interfaces with common IDOC basic type.  From this blog you will learn:

  • how to setup Interface Determination for an IDOC scenario.

In this short blog I would like to show you how to quickly configure Interface Determination for IDOC interfaces. As AIF allows to define multiple interfaces with common IDOC basic type it also provides a way to determine which message should go through which interfaces depending on particular fields value.

As an example, let’s take two different inbound interfaces using common basic type DELVRY02
To differentiate lets assume they are named DELVRY02_I and DEL02_XX_I. We need two separate interfaces in order to maintain separate business logic depending on the sender partner. 

To determine which interface should the message go through we need to access  /AIF/CUST t-code and move on to Interfaces Determination -> Define Interface Determination for IDOC Interfaces.


Define Determination Key


In the next step we need to add a new entry to Define Determination Key.


After providing Basic Type and Message Type of the IDOC we need to define fields within IDOC structure that will serve as a key for interface determination. In this case we will need IDOC’s direction (inbound – ‘2’ or outbound – ‘1’) and sender partner value. Both of these fields reside in the IDOC’s control segment thus we need to set field category for both as “IDOC Control Record” together with the actual field name.


Dialog structure


Now we must proceed to “assign interfaces”.

For each of the fields defined in the previous step, we now have a relevant operator (Equal, Not Equal, etc. ) and value for interface determination to be set. Let’s assume that we want all messages from sender partner LS_1 to go only through DEL02_XX_I Interface. In order to achieve this for DEL02_XX_I Interface we must set operator for SNDPRT field as EQUAL LS_1…




… while setting the opposite for the DELVRY02_I interface.




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