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icon__calendar 2020-03-07

Int4’s Core Values: Relationships

Competences, Relationships and Balance are the values we follow at Int4 and are of equal importance to us. We believe that we are a Team of Mentors and Experts who are eager to constantly grow and gain new competences through sharing the knowledge. This can only happen if we trust, support and do not envy each other which means create positive relationships.

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icon__calendar 2020-03-07

Int4’s Core Values: Balance

We at Int4 would not be able to follow our two ‘Competences and Relationships’ values if we were not able to balance our daily tasks, personal development and private life. In order for us to do that the third, last but not least, value that is a foundation of our well being is Balance. It is our guiding north star value on how to accomplish our goals.

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icon__calendar 2020-03-02

I want it all and I want it now! Smart Data Integration (SDI) – Initial Load and Real-time Replication

One of the most common situations during the data replication process is that we have two (or more) systems and we need to constantly replicate existing and newly created/changed data from one to another and then track all the changes in all these available systems.

I think that immortal Freddie Mercury actually dreamt about an initial load and real time data replication.

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icon__calendar 2020-01-12

Mentoring at Int4

Mentoring is as old as humanity. The oldest references to this topic can be found in literary sources that date back to before our era. This word comes from the name of the mentor – a mythical figure, whose teacher was Odysseus – the personification of life experience, prudence and knowledge. Today, we use what our ancestors started, using mentoring primarily in business, but not only. The mechanism and principles remain unchanged for centuries. Mentoring is a unique relationship between a student and a teacher. The benefits of these relationships are mutual. At Int4 Academy, we care primarily for beneficial relationships for everyone – mentors and employees. About the culture prevailing in our organization you will learn later. Now, let’s take a closer look at the issue of mentoring itself.

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