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Michał Ibrom SAP Integration Consultant | ABAP Developer
icon__calendar 2022-01-11

How SAP API Management can benefit your business?

We all experience a constantly increasing number and impact of various applications and IT solutions aimed at solving our everyday problems and making our lives easier. Usually, from a user point of view, our interaction with these apps ends as soon as we click a button and complete a task or obtain information we were interested in, and we are not aware of what actually happened behind the scenes at the time.

But it’s worth realizing that the solutions we use are typically only a piece of a larger puzzle of various IT systems integrated with each other. These integrations can be made through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), thus they can be considered as fuel that drives innovations. However, fuel is only part of the success, so you also should use the right vehicle which in the solution described in the first article of this blog series is the API Management (APIM) capability of SAP Integration Suite on which I will shed some more light in this text.

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Andrzej Halicki SAP Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2021-12-14

Expose your data in a fast and reliable way in real time with SAP BTP

This year?s TechEd has shown that SAP continues to hit pedal to the metal with integrations offering. APIM, EM, ML, CPI, EIM SDI, DI, Open Connectors and others we use to satisfy business needs. Sometimes it may be a bit overwhelming  to navigate in the matrix of new acronyms, services and solutions. 

At Int4 we come across many exciting integration projects. With this blog series we would like to share our insights into the state-of-the-art solutions we deliver to our customers. In the same time I hope that we help you navigate in the fairly new world of SAP integration infused with constantly growing BTP services offering.

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icon__calendar 2021-08-05

FlashPipe – Simplifying CI/CD for SAP Integration Suite – Why and how to register?

Join a special webinar focused on FlashPipe – Simplifying CI/CD for SAP Integration Suite!

Take part in a special, free webinar by SAP Mentor Eng Swee Yeoh and learn more about enhancing and automating your Build-To-Deploy processes in SAP Integration Suite developments.

  • What is CI/CD?
  • How to use FlashPipe to implement CI/CD for SAP Integration Suite?
  • See a demo on automated deployment using FlashPipe

Date: August, 12th

Time: 9 AM and 3 PM (CEST | UTC+2)

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