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Mateusz Adamus SAP Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2020-11-05

Discover approval level in MM Flexible Workflow agent determination BAdI

Flexible Workflow is a Fiori integrated solution for creation of document approval processes. Its main strength, ease of use, comes from little or zero need for programming interference. Basic scenarios can be created using configuration only. If you have a more complex situation, you can use one of the available BAdIs – for example the MMPUR_WORKFLOW_AGENTS_V2 BAdI, which allows for customer specific approval step agent determination logic.


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Jarosław Ziółkowski Sales Executive
icon__calendar 2020-10-22
You should get your hands dirty with ABAP code before you start creating IT solutions

You should get your hands dirty with ABAP code before you start creating IT solutions

My today’s interlocutor has almost 10 years of experience in the SAP industry and leads a 5-person development team. He is on friendly terms with such areas as SAP BRIM and CRM development. As he says about himself, as time goes by, he becomes more and more… a hybrid.

About the new technologies in the SAP, his notion concerning the future of the ERP systems, matters which could be improved in the whole SAP ecosystem, and finally about the tips for rookies – David Heis is interviewed by Jarosław JZ Ziółkowski.
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