COVID-19 Manifesto

Wiktor Bogdanowicz Head of Marketing
icon__calendar 2020-03-25

COVID-19 Manifesto

Dear Friends,

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has created a global health and economic crisis that is testing every one of us. We are aware that the results of this virus are severe and unanticipated for our industry and all of our partners. We hope that the fears will subside and governments will help control the outbreak. That being said, we are starting to responsibly plan our help for the SAP integration industry.

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Michał Lubczyński SAP Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2020-03-17

AIF – Interface Determination for IDOC Interfaces – setup

‘In this short blog I would like to show you how to quickly configure Interface Determination for IDOC interfaces. As AIF allows to define multiple interfaces with common IDOC basic type it also provides a way to determine which message should go through which interfaces depending on particular field?s value.

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Krzysztof Łuka SAP Integration Architect, SAP Press Author
icon__calendar 2020-03-09
runtime configuration options in sap aif

Runtime Configuration Options in SAP AIF

Runtime Configuration defines the way in which the interface messages will be processed in SAP AIF.  This setting is usually used for SAP AIF interfaces using XML engine. Understanding the setup is important as it can affect the performance of the interfaces and it can have implications on   systems background jobs and interface queues.

In this blog, I will try to explain details of it, and describe the alternative settings and their effect on the way the messages are processed in SAP AIF.

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