Int4 IFTT – Use Case

Continuous testing in SAP Integration

Automated continuous testing – scenario description

Test automation with Int4 IFTT enables fast-paced production deployments, assuring high quality and faultlessness for SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP S/4HANA interface implementation as well as other integration technologies. Apart from the initial automation, it supports the process that will ensure that the test-cases repository would always be up-to-date.


Problems to be solved:

  • 35% of the development cost is testing expenses. Multiple studies prove that testing accounts for 30-40% of development cost in general IT projects. SAP integration is even more sensitive for testing due to the reusing of existing components
  • Not enough testing coverage, Focus more on UI and E2E testing. The integration is ignored or remain untested
  • Knowledge transfer between project and support teams is always a bottleneck

Predicted outcome:

  • Continuous testing is a fundamental concept in DevOps
  • A fast pace introduction of changes
  • 100% test coverage in any execution cycle
  • 30% reduction in defects slippage, due to increased test coverage
  • Enables significant early defect detection
  • Improved confidence of quality ? One Scenario can be tested with multiple test cases

Int4 IFTT enables continuous testing by:

  • Support for testing SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, Dell Boomi, IDocs, SAP AIF and other SAP S/4HANA interface technologies
  • Repeater: Time for Creation of test cases minimized to a minimum by reusing existing messages.
  • Freedom of testing: 3rd party systems and resources are not needed to conduct SAP testing of application interfaces
  • Shift Left: Test your change directly on the development system with production data
  • The running of thousands of TCs per night in the background
  • The integration of ticketing systems like SAP Solution Manager or Service Now
  • Business-oriented: allows testing the business processes instead of single interfaces

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