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Eliminate SAP S/4HANA Project Delays with Service Virtualization and SAP EDI Testing

One of the biggest challenges for SAP S/4HANA projects is the testing of complex business scenarios where messages from multiple source systems or EDI providers need to be orchestrated and processed in an SAP environment.

Testing and re-testing of such the scenarios is time-consuming and requires significant resources which are always constraints in projects. In this talk Int4 will introduce its IFTT solution, which helps to fully automated end-to-end testing.


  • Non-SAP systems don’t need to be tested for SAP S/4HANA projects

  • EDI providers can also be included in automated full end to end SAP Testing

  • Citizen automation allows everyone to perform the necessary testing


Marcin Gałczyński

Head of Product at Int4 AG. Int4 IFTT evangelist with 17 years of leadership roles experience. Received SAP Hack2Build – Hackathon 1st Runner-up Award in May 2021.

Mateusz Nowak

SAP Integration consultant since 2016. Mateusz is the author of SAP Press Book: Interface Monitoring and Error Handling with SAP AIF. He’s also a trainer in the openSAP course Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT.

Michał Rohnka

SAP integration and ABAP consultant since 2010. Engaged in many successful international SAP projects. Currently acting as an integration architect and AIF expert. BRFplus evangelist and SAP Press author: Mapping with BRFplus Decision Tables and SAP AIF.