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Simplifying CI/CD

for SAP Integration Suite

Why attend?

Join a special webinar by SAP Mentor Eng Swee Yeoh and learn more about enhancing and automating your Build-To-Deploy processes in SAP Integration Suite developments.

  • What is CI/CD?

  • How to use FlashPipe to implement CI/CD for SAP Integration Suite?

  • See a demo on automated deployment using FlashPipe

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Date: August 12, 2021

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Does SAP Integration Suite come with out of the box solution for CI/CD?

No, but it can be implemented using SAP?s Jenkins-based approach or FlashPipe. FlashPipe is open-source and can be easily implemented on cloud-based CI/CD platforms like Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions.

What features are available in FlashPipe?

FlashPipe currently supports integration with the Cloud Integration service of SAP Integration Suite. It can synchronise the integration artifacts from a Cloud Integration tenant to Git repository, upload and deploy the artifacts to the Cloud Integration tenant.


Topic 1

  • What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment?

Topic 2

  • Introduction to FlashPipe

Topic 3

  • Demo of using FlashPipe with SAP Integration Suite

Questions & Answers

  • We will dispel all your doubts and answer all your questions


Eng Swee Yeoh

Eng Swee is the go-to expert in SAP integration and has been integrating SAP solutions since 2005. He regularly shares his knowledge in the form of publishing blog posts, speaking at TechEd and collaborating closely with SAP in product feedback and improvement. He is the author of multiple open-source solutions related to SAP integration.