Grow with us

The greatest gift we can give to our employees is their own personal development.

The Mentorship Culture that we create is to support the Int4 team to gain deep SAP topic expertise with a passion to share, educate and influence others. You are offered a tailored for your needs development career path supported by training, SAP related systems, Experts and Mentors.

Int4 Academy

Experience sharing platform supervised by stream experts.

  • Int4 Experts and Mentors have prepared our own learning and development platform
  • Grow your SAP Integration skills in a structured manner
  • Each hard skill has a dedicated Mentor who supports your development path

Learning hub

SAP signature learning content access.

  • Access to SAP courses platform with user-oriented content
  • Peer collaboration via social learning
  • Take advantage of the most comprehensive and complete SAP learning materials


Internal training on cutting edge SAP technologies, tools and solutions.

  • Authorial internal training created by our Int4 experts
  • Carefully planned training schedule to deliver new content on a weekly basis
  • Titly connected to learning paths and Int4 Academy

Int4 SAP systems

Engage yourself in a hands-on experience.

  • Get access to the latest systems including S/4 HANA,  Solution Manager, SAP PI and more
  • Cloud Platform with services like CPI available
  • Int4 system farm runs on AWS


SAP Mentors

At Int4 we promote professional development by linking an employee with a mentor or expert who focuses on the development of the mentee. Mentoring is transformational and involves much more than simply acquiring a specific skill or knowledge. Mentoring is about a relationship and involves both the professional and the personal life.

Michał Krawczyk

SAP Press Author: 6 books about SAP integration (SAP PO, SAP AIF), SAP TechEd Speaker (>20 talks), 8x Topic Leader / Top Contributor on SAP PO forum.

of a Mentor:

  • Lead by example
  • Are humble
  • Passionate about SAP
  • Offer constructive criticism
  • No culture of entitlement
  • Inclusive
  • Share their knowledge

Success stories

Success has many faces. Int4 Team believes that it is a constant journey of developing ones hard and soft skills along with a balanced home and work life. Int4 employees would like to share with you what success means to them and how Int4 helped them achieve it.

Job offers

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