Int4 IFTT: how to set up a test for a message split?

icon__calendar 2019-01-11


Setting up an API test in Int4 IFTT for an SAP PO scenario with a message split can be a bit tricky due to the fact that message processing staging can be set up in a different way for each ICO. In case we want to regression test our SAP PO scenario we may need to consider the following steps:


Step 1


Check if the staging and logging parameters are correctly set up in your ICO or in the global parameters.

Staging needs to Store message on BI (Message Preparation) and MS (Receiver Determination) steps and logging needs to be enabled on the AM (Mapping) step.


Step 2


In the additional parameters of your Interface definition in transaction /INT4/IFTT_CONF make sure you have two message versions after processing – “AM” and a second one “-1” as messages need to be taken from both.


Step 3


In the Int4 IFTT – PI message selector select the message which does not have the Receiver Component (so the initial message).

Once this set up is done you can download the SAP PO message and regression test it inside your Int4 IFTT test.


System set up:

a) SAP PO 7.5 SP 06

b) Int4 IFTT – SP 08