Minimal effort of creating test cases using the Repeater® functionality
Complete testing scope, validation of both the SAP PI/PO and SAP S/4HANA backend
Certified SAP Add-on, deployed on SAP Solution Manager or another ABAP-based system
Reduce third-party services’ costs

Eliminate external dependencies

Thanks to the service virtualization features, Int4 APITester will save you a lot of time – you will no longer need to depend on other teams or have to pay your EDI partners for test data.

Increase productivity and reduce risks

Int4 APITester is a script-less SAP API testing tool for SAP S/4HANA implementations and middleware migrations, that allows companies full automated testing in the service layer (API) minimizing the risk and cost of existing bugs and manual testing process.

Thanks to the power of automation, companies can create thousands of test cases within minutes increasing the productivity of the testing teams.

Maximum control of test case executions

Automate and provide a complete and comprehensive result report that can support each of the test script executions. This report provides sufficient information for a support organization to help solve any issues when a test case execution fails.

Create a complete E2E testing

Int4 APITester works well with and complements major UI testing tools, to enable smooth end-to-end testing of integrated processes. Now you can validate integration steps – like incoming orders or outgoing invoices, even for processes that require additional manual steps during the test.

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