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Int4 IFTT Integration with ALM

Tomasz Maćkowski SAP Solution Architect & Full-Stack Developer
icon__calendar 2019-08-27

With this blog Tomasz Maćkowski explains:

Int4 IFTT – Simple Integration with ALM

Are you using Micro Focus ALM (formerly HP ALM/Quality Center) to manage application delivery, lifecycle and testing in your company?

We have great news for you – Int4 IFTT can be easily integrated with ALM without installing additional components or libraries. Test execution is automated using VAPI-XP test script and doesn’t require Unified Functional Testing (UFT) to be integrated with ALM.

You can leverage ALM test management capabilities and execute Int4 IFTT test cases directly from the tool. Result reporting is fully automated and you have instant access to executed test details, status and Int4 IFTT results report.

We deliver parameterized test script template which can be used to create new Tests in ALM.

When creating new Test in ALM Test Plan select VAPI-XP-TEST Type:

Test Plan ALM Int4 IFTT

Choose JavaScript as Script Language:

VAPI XP Wizard

Replace generated script template with script provided with Int4 IFTT:

Int4 IFTT Test Script Template

Create two parameters:

  • TestCase
  • TestScenario

These parameters will be specified during execution and determine Int4 IFTT test case(s) to be run.

Int4 IFTT Parameters

That’s it! You are ready to start testing Int4 IFTT test cases with ALM.

Create Test Configurations specifying Int4 IFTT Test Case or Test Scenario ID(s):

Int4 IFTT Test Configurations

After creating Test and Test Configurations you can include them in Test Set in Test Lab module:

Test Set

Run entire Test Set or selected Tests using functions from ALM toolbar:

Int4 IFTT Automatic Runner

Overall status of each Test is visible directly on Automatic Runner dialog:

Int4 IFTT Automatic Runner dialog

Further details including Int4 IFTT test details can be reviewed in ALM Test Run Report:

ALM Test Run Report

Detailed Int4 IFTT Report is attached to Test Run as XML file and as link to report on Int4 IFTT Server:

Int4 IFTT Test Execution Report

When analyzing results in Int4 IFTT Cockpit you can easily identify ALM Test Runs by Run ID which is set automatically by the integration script:

Int4 IFTT Test Results Report

Test Runs Int4 IFTT


We hope our article was useful for you and Int4 IFTT will make your everyday work even more effective!

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you – always ready to discuss.

Tomasz Maćkowski SAP Solution Architect & Full-Stack Developer
Working with SAP technologies since 2004. Tomasz has extensive experience in architecting and developing SAP product enhancements as well as custom solutions built on the SAP technology stack. Big fan and practitioner of automation in all aspects of the software development lifecycle.