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Int4 IFTT releases and versions

Tomasz Maćkowski SAP Solution Architect & Full-Stack Developer
icon__calendar 2020-11-17

In this article you will learn:

  • The details about various types of releases of Int4 IFTT
  • Updated release numbering system
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about Int4 IFTT releases

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Beginning with the Int4 IFTT 2.5.0 released on 27th October 2020 there is a new Int4 IFTT release numbering system. We also revised our release type terminology. These changes were introduced to:

  • Simplify the release numbering and align it with industry standards
  • Clearly communicate what is the frequency and content of each release
  • Align external release numbers with our internal development, build and life-cycle management tools and processes

Int4 IFTT releases are now numbered in MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format e.g. 2.5.1


Current release type terminology

Major release:
  • Includes major new features, large architectural changes, new product components
  • Release going through certification process with SAP Integration and Certification Center
  • Frequency:  Scheduled release delivered every 1-2 years
  • Delivered as ABAP Add-on
  • Current major release: 2
Minor release:
  • Includes new features, improvements, bug fixes. Cumulative update of maintenance releases.
  • Previously called Service Pack
  • Frequency: Scheduled release delivered quarterly
  • Delivered as ABAP transport. Requires Major release Add-on to be deployed on target system first
  • Current minor release 2.5, next planned minor release is 2.6 scheduled for end of Q4 2020

Maintenance release:
  • Scope: Improvements, bug fixes
  • Frequency: Ad-hoc release delivered  as necessary
  • Delivered as ABAP transport. Requires Major release Add-on to be deployed on target system first
  • Current maintenance release: 2.5.2


Frequently asked questions

Q: Where I can find details about each release?

A: Release notes are published in the Int4 IFTT Knowledge Center Library


Q: How to check my Int4 IFTT version?

A: Version is displayed in Int4 IFTT Cockpit toolbar ( transaction /INT4/IFTT_COCKPIT )


Q: My current Int4 IFTT version is X. How can I upgrade to the latest version? Do I have to install all versions in between?

A: It depends on the major version of the Add-on. If you have the latest major version installed (currently Add-on version 200) you can upgrade directly to the latest minor or maintenance version by importing single transport. Minor and maintenance releases are cumulative and contain all previous changes. There is no need to install all versions in between.


Current version 2.5.0 -> installation of latest maintenance version 2.5.2 possible

Current version 2.0 SP03 A -> installation of latest minor version 2.5.0 possible

-> installation of latest maintenance version 2.5.2 possible

Current version 1.0 SP11 -> installation of latest minor or maintenance version requires Add-On upgrade first

Q: Is it safe to install the latest version of Int4 IFTT?

A: All releases are verified and tested on our test landscapes before they are generally available. We are maintaining backward compatibility and avoid breaking changes which could impact your test cases and data.
Some of the features require additional actions after installing the release e.g. running tasks in Customizing Wizard. In such cases it is described in the release notes.


Q: I’m upgrading my system where Int4 IFTT is installed. How to handle the Int4 IFTT Add-on?

A: Int4 IFTT Add-on should not impact the upgrade process and continue to work properly after the upgrade. For certain release changes it is required to import Attribute Change Package (ACP) in Add-On Installation Tool (transaction SAINT) as a prerequisite. Please contact Int4 IFTT Support before upgrading your system providing target versions of SAP_ABA and SAP_BASIS components to check if the ACP is required.


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