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Int4 IFTT new features

Michał Lubczyński SAP Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2017-10-19

Int4 IFTT Support Package 103_0004 is now available bringing you new features:

  • Passing the variable value from previous case – passing variable from previous test case works in scenarios where it is expected that the interface document will consume number generated by previous test case i.e. inbound delivery to PO created by eCATT recording.


  • Reading values from DB results – test case variables can now be filled by values from database (new feature to improve reporting capabilities)


  • Automated installation steps –  a new report available under t-code /INT4/IFTT_CUST automates installation steps by creating: RFC destination, logical ports for proxies, Int4 IFTT number range


  • Adapters for testing inbound and outbound SAP Cloud Platform Interfaces


Michał Lubczyński SAP Integration Consultant
SAP integration consultant since 2016. Experienced in end-to-end PI interface configuration, AIF, IDoc business scenarios, and banking interfaces. An acquaintance of SAP Material Management and Sales and Distribution modules. Implementation consultant of Int4?s automated interface testing solution - Int4 IFTT. Strong SAP PI/PO skills. Conscientious and goal-oriented team player, good at communication and building relationships.