Reduce infrastructure costs and eliminate the carbon footprint
Save money thanks to early validation of business requirements
Speed up communication between Development and QA/testing teams
Reduce third-party services’ costs

Increase sustainability and reduce risks & costs

Int4 Messenger allows companies to simulate the behavior of 3rd party systems, eliminating dependencies that constraints on development and testing teams, increasing sustainability, and reducing risks by allowing full, fast testing in early project stages.

Eliminate SAP S/4HANA project delays caused by external dependencies

Int4 Messenger brings in Virtualization Objects and Virtualization Scenarios, enabling quick configuration and easy control over the virtualization of external systems.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Since most of the test landscapes for 3rd party systems can be simulated SAP S/4HANA projects can reduce the overall project costs and make it more sustainable compared the traditional approach where all 3rd party systems need to be installed and supported by external resources.

Increase productivity

We can achieve a significant decrease in testing time during the development (DEV) and integration (SIT) testing phases of the project

Developers and Functional consultants can run a much larger number of tests which directly leads to early defect detection and large annual savings related to fewer issues on the production landscape

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INT4 Messenger features


Complete your Int4 Suite solution

TQM service offering

Tailor-made engagement delivered by top Int4 Suite Solution Architects. Aims at ensuring maximum value gain out of Int4 Suite via an audit of configuration and guidance with amendments and suggestions to comfort customer-specific requirements.

The service deliverables are: 

Engagement requires cooperation with customers’ internal Int4 Suite experts

Int4 Suite soft landing offering

A complete and comprehensive service of Int4 Suite implementation and testing strategy execution. Full-time and customer maintenance-free engagement which ensures implementation and execution of Int4 Suite within a project or BAU activities. 

This offering of managed service ensures top quality and maximum value on the spot without compromising and effort on the customer’s end. 

How to get started with Int4 Messenger?

Sales: +41 41 562 02 21
Email: contact@int4.com
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