Minimal effort of creating test cases using the Repeater® functionality
Complete testing scope, validation of both the SAP PI/PO and SAP S/4HANA backend
Certified SAP Add-on, deployed on SAP Solution Manager or another ABAP-based system
Reduce third-party services’ costs

Unlock your blocked Integration platform migration by removing external dependencies

Int4 Shield lets you increase development efficiency by avoiding delays and increasing the quality. This way you can save on early error detection and production incident risk mitigation.

Increase productivity and reduce risks

Int4 Shield is a script-less SAP Integration Platform migration testing solution, that allows companies full automated testing of the transport layer (API), minimizing the risk and cost of existing bugs and manual testing process. Thanks to the power of automation, companies can create thousands of test cases within minutes increasing the productivity of the testing teams.

Maximum control of test case executions

Automate and provide a complete and comprehensive result report that can support each of the test script executions. This report provides sufficient information for a support organization to help solve any issues when a test case execution fails.


Integration Platform Migration

Integration Platform migrations can be made much simpler if testing is done in a fully automated way.


More Int4 Suite Options

Complete your int4 suite solution

TQM service offering

Tailor-made engagement delivered by top Int4 Suite Solution Architects. Aims at ensuring maximum value gain out of Int4 Suite via an audit of configuration and guidance with amendments and suggestions to comfort customer-specific requirements.

The service deliverables are: 

Engagement requires cooperation with customers’ internal Int4 Suite experts

Int4 Suite soft landing offering

A complete and comprehensive service of Int4 Suite implementation and testing strategy execution. Full-time and customer maintenance-free engagement which ensures implementation and execution of Int4 Suite within a project or BAU activities. 

This offering of managed service ensures top quality and maximum value on the spot without compromising and effort on the customer’s end. 

How to get started with Int4 Shield?

Sales: +41 41 562 02 21
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