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icon__calendar 2019-12-15

What is Int4 IFTT?

Int4 IFTT is a tool for automated testing in the area of SAP integration. Int4 IFTT will increase the testing speed in your projects, reduce the costs of solving defects and adopt the business needs fast and secure. What’s more, no 3rd party systems are required because of the virtualization feature. 

Sounds interesting? We encourage you to read the materials that we present below.


Int4 IFTT Datasheet

Int4 IFTT is a market leader in SAP centric automated integration testing. Take a look at our datasheet that is dedicated to Int4 IFTT and find out more about:

  • Key differentiators of our solution
  • Benefits
  • Use cases
  • References 

int4 iftt datasheet


Technical overview 

We’ve prepared a special presentation with a technical overview. In this document you will find information, among others, about:

  • Int4 IFTT’s architecture
  • Business processes
  • Building the test strategy
  • Test case creation
  • Shift left strategy
  • Automatic end-to-end execution in SAP landscape

int4 iftt technical overview

Use cases

To present how Int4 IFTT works and what are the benefits of using our solution, we’ve decided to differentiate 3 use cases:

  • S/4HANA conversions/migrations, SAP AIF implementations and upgrades

int4 iftt use case 1

  • Implementing continuous testing in SAP Integration

int4 iftt use case 2

  • Middleware migration

int4 iftt use case 3

Product roadmap

Int4 IFTT is continuously developed by our experts. In the roadmap below we are presenting the most important stages in the product life cycle and planned actions (events/upgrades). 

int4 iftt roadmap

We hope that these materials will be useful for you and help you better understand our solution. If you want to learn more about Int4 IFTT, you can always schedule Int4 IFTT Live Demo and ask us anything.