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Int4 IFTT learning paths

icon__calendar 2020-02-15

Int4’s course hosted by openSAP

SAP testing world is really exciting but also complicated. Our team, represented by SAP middleware experts (SAP Press authors, SAP Mentors), decided to share its knowledge and shed some light on the test automation. As a result, we’ve created a course ‘Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT’ hosted by openSAP.

This training will teach you more about our innovative solution – Int4 IFTT, an automated testing tool designed by Int4 team for you to learn how can the test automation be easy.


Int4 IFTT learning paths


We all know that time is our most valuable asset. That’s why we’ve created a special Int4 IFTT Learning Paths that can help you get the answers you’re looking for fast and successfully. Let us follow you through the SAP testing world and watch the recommended lessons from our openSAP course. Choose the case that you’re interested in (just click!) and join us on this journey. 

Int4 IFTT Learning paths



How can you create the account?


The training is free. All you need to do is register for an account on the openSAP platform. How can you do this? Follow a short instruction.


      1. Visit the course website:

      2. Click on ENROLL ME NOW button. 

openSAP Int4 IFTT

       3. Choose the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT option.

openSAP Int4 IFTT

      4. Fill in your details. 


      5. Register for openSAP.

int4 iftt opensap

      6. Confirm your email address.

      7. That’s it. Now you can take our course – enjoy!


We hope that our learning paths will be helpful for you. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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