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Int4’s Core Values: Balance

Michał Krawczyk SAP Mentor, SAP Press Author
icon__calendar 2020-03-07

Balance at Int4

We at Int4 would not be able to follow our two ‘Competences and Relationships’ values if we were not able to balance our daily tasks, personal development and private life. In order for us to do that the third, last but not least, value that is a foundation of our well being is Balance. It is our guiding north star value on how to accomplish our goals.


Start the day with most important tasks, don’t leave them for last minute

“Having worked at Int4 for 10 years, I have always found this value the closest to my own work philosophy. We are the most successful once we start a day with prioritizing our tasks and respond in a timely manner to make sure we can end the day with a steady heart and mind and focus on our families after hours.”
~ Krzysztof Łuka

Planning gives you time and does not take it away – small steps are crucial to any big task and make you feel successful more often

“Once you have a ‘to-do-list’ every day, we at Int4 know, that we will meet our deadlines, run our SAP Implementations smoothly, satisfy our company’s clients and at the end of the day leave the office with less important once left that can be postponed till next day.”
~ Michał Jakubowicz


Close current issues before opening new ones

“It is simply the way of my preferable lifestyle. In order for one to avoid chaos at work and home you need to stay focused on one task at a time. Opening three tasks at the same time will land you with no proper engagement in all of them and the quality of what you deliver will be poor at the end.”
~ Michał Rohnka

The Value of Balance has been approached in a unique way at Int4. To our Team it means being responsible for our daily to-do-lists and prioritizing our tasks. Once we are able to plan our duties we are able to deliver our goals in time and there is no need for us to stay after hours. That is how we build our work-life balance, by proper planning.


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Michał Krawczyk SAP Mentor, SAP Press Author
SAP integration consultant since 2004. He has been recognized by SAP included becoming an SAP Mentor in 2007 and winning the top contributor/topic leader award from SDN (SAP Developer Network portal) in SAP PO/PI eight times. Michal is the author many SAP integration related books: Mastering idoc business scenarios with SAP XI , Mastering idoc business scenarios with SAP PI (second edition).