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Our new SAP Press book – Testing SAP APIs: Strategy and Execution

Michał Krawczyk SAP Mentor, SAP Press Author
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Testing SAP APIs: Strategy and Execution

With our new SAP Press book “Testing SAP APIs: Strategy and Execution” which describes many different strategies on how to approach this topic and presents a set of advice on how to realize the vision from the strategy you will:

  • Learn how to set up your SAP API testing strategy
  • Learn more about SAP S/4HANA conversion API testing 
  • Find out how to test SAP Process Orchestration migrations,
  • Explore how to test SAP Cloud Platform Integration migrations,

Why should you test your SAP API?

Most of the modern enterprise class systems are using tons of APIs to communicate with other systems and business partners (EDI integration). For many companies SAP application integration is the main sales pipeline without which business cannot function. However when we start doing changes to the SAP application integration, testing them is still done mostly in a manual way – as if we were doing coding in the 70s or 80s. The point that many companies are missing is that SAP API testing for many project types like:

  • SAP Process Orchestration migrations 
  • SAP Clould Platform migrations 
  • S/4HANA conversions (brownfield, bluefield, greenfield) 

can be set up with almost no effort compared to the old fashioned User Interface (UI) testing just because an existing set of messages can be used. 

Testing SAP APIs SAP Press book



What do we cover in the book?

In our latest SAP Press book “Testing SAP APIs: Strategy and Execution”, Pontus Borgstrom, Michal Krawczyk and Korneliusz Kordus explain a few concepts related to the SAP API testing answering the most important questions: 

  • Why – Why should we start doing SAP API testing, why is that so easy and why it’s highly important to do that 
  • What – What types of SAP API tests can be done and what kind of projects like:
  1. SAP S/4HANA conversions 
  2. SAP PI to SAP PO migrations
  3. SAP PO to SAP CPI migrations
  4. SAP PO and SAP CPI continuous testing 
  5. Non SAP middleware (Tibco, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, etc.) to SAP PO/CPI migrations


  • When – When exactly can you do the SAP application integration testing compared to the UI testing 
  • Who – Who should perform the testing 
  • How – How to do the SAP API testing with the use of SAP tools: SAP PIT, SAP Solution Manager Test Suite and 3rd party tools like Int4 IFTT 

At the end of the book you will find 6 most common myths about SAP API testing. 



Pontus Borgström is currently working as the lead integration architect at AB SKF in Sweden.

He has extensive insights in SAP Process Integration and SAP Process Orchestration since he started working with XI 2.0 in 2003. Previously, Pontus worked as a consultant with many large Nordic process integration and process orchestration installations.





Michał Krawczyk


Michal Krawczyk is an SAP Mentor working with Int4.

He is recognized as one of the leading SAP integration experts with more than 170 articles and blogs on SAP Community, in addition to regularly speaking at SAP events on SAP PO/PI and SAP Application Interface Framework. Michal is a multiple SAP PRESS book author. 





Korneliusz Kordus


Korneliusz Kordus is head of consulting with Int4.

He is an experienced program and project manager, and an SAP consultant.




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Michał Krawczyk SAP Mentor, SAP Press Author
SAP integration consultant since 2004. He has been recognized by SAP included becoming an SAP Mentor in 2007 and winning the top contributor/topic leader award from SDN (SAP Developer Network portal) in SAP PO/PI eight times. Michal is the author many SAP integration related books: Mastering idoc business scenarios with SAP XI , Mastering idoc business scenarios with SAP PI (second edition).