Recruitment process

We aim at professional, simple, and to the point recruitment process. Recruitment FAQs are to answer potential questions a Candidate may have before one applies. All Candidates are considered and provided with candid and professional feedback.


Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile

Screen Call

Share your general technical knowledge

Technical Call

Share your detailed technical knowledge


Your skills are what we need to support us


We work on a task-related working time scheme, and the time one starts or finishes is based on individual preferences that can be adjusted to the Clients’ needs.

We cooperate with many Global Enterprises from multiple industries.

We work 100% remotely.

We offer sole trader contract (B2B).

Working with our Clients means going to their offices and working at their sites. It takes around 50% of the consultant’s weekly schedule to travel to the Client’s offices.

We do not pay attention to your CV layout, so you do not need to bother to send it to us. All we need is the presentation of your experience and knowledge to which we can relate to, during a video call. Your Linkedin profile link will suffice.

The second step in our recruitment process is a video call with HR Team. For an SAP Integration Consultant, e.g., ABAP, yes/no questions will be asked. Such as: Did you debug?

When it comes to the third step in our recruitment process, one of our SAP Experts will give you two tasks to analyze and verify your technical knowledge applicable to the position you applied for.

We address every Candidate. Competence is one of our core values, and we wish the candidates received candid and professional feedback for them to be able to come back to us in the future.

Haven’t found what you were looking for? Reach out to Int4 HR Team.

We are growing, having offices in Poznań and Warsaw. If we have not posted a job offer that would match your education and experience,  contact us as we may need your support in the nearest future.