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SAP Cloud Platform Integration supported!

Michał Lubczyński SAP Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2017-11-23

Int4 IFTT tool

Int4 IFTT is an automated software for testing application interfaces and integration landscape in SAP environment. To ensure maximum compatibility and versatility Int4 IFTT has been designed in an open architecture allowing Int4 IFTT to work both with SAP and non-SAP middleware’s. Int4 IFTT supports not only SAP PI /PO but it also handles SAP Cloud Platform Integration (former HCI).

Cloud testing brings some new exceptional requirements. Service provider releases upgrades according to his own schedule, notifying customers about planned service packs shortly before the release date. According to SAP procedures, the company first deploys the update in the test environment, setting the time period reserved for testing before the change is finally implemented on production. In the given time customers need to make sure if their solution is going to work on the latest version.


SAP Cloud Platform Integration support

Int4 IFTT’s support scope is equal for SAP Cloud Platform Integration and SAP PI/PO. In both cases it can be used for testing inbound, outbound and synchronous – both SOAP and HTTP. Message Selector functionality is also available in both configuration variants. Int4 IFTT seems to perfectly fill the market gap as there is a noticeable lack of tools that can test SAP CPI interfaces.

Michał Lubczyński SAP Integration Consultant
SAP integration consultant since 2016. Experienced in end-to-end PI interface configuration, AIF, IDoc business scenarios, and banking interfaces. An acquaintance of SAP Material Management and Sales and Distribution modules. Implementation consultant of Int4?s automated interface testing solution - Int4 IFTT. Strong SAP PI/PO skills. Conscientious and goal-oriented team player, good at communication and building relationships.