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Join a special webinar focused on SAP Enterprise Messaging and learn how event driven architecture can change your SAP landscape.

  • What is SAP Enterprise Messaging?

  • How to implement event enablement in S/4HANA?

  • How SAP EM integrates with SAP Cloud Platform products?

  • Check out SAP EM demo

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Date: April 8, 2021

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Is there any difference if my company will go for SAP EM rather than CPI/PO?

Yes, the difference is fundamental and we can’t consider these tools in one category. SAP EM is event driven and is designed to conduct asynchronous communication with low size data in event driven paradigma.

What if I would like to implement SAP EM in my landscape?

It depends how the landscape looks like and which products it involves. Let’s remember it requires a different approach to integration in comparison to standard tools.


Topic 1

  • What is SAP Enterprise Messaging and event driven architecture

Topic 2

  • How it integrates with S/4HANA

Topic 3

  • SAP EM Demo

Questions & Answers

  • We will dispel all your doubts and answer all your questions


Ricardo Viana

Senior SAP integration designer and developer, where he specializes in SAP products, such as SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration and Enterprise Messaging.

Andrzej Halicki

SAP Consultant and Developer at Int4, specializing in ABAP development and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. He’s been working in SAP development since 2017.