Michał Krawczyk

Int4’s SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite migration guide

So you need to see if you can migrate your SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place! I will try to guide you, so the journey is as smooth as possible
Start with WHY – Why should I move to SAP Integration Suite?
Do you know your landscape?

Do you know how many interfaces you have available on your SAP PO system? If not, why not start with that? There are a few solutions that can support you with that: UDO from Arianim and WHINT Interface Catalog (On-Premise).

Are there any other SAP Integration Suite developer tools I should know about?

SAP CPI helper – a must-have which extends the SAP Cloud Platform Integration with some useful features to improve usability.

Groovy IDE – groovy is the way to work with SAP IS so you can use this IDE to do it a professional way. Check out also other products from pizug.

Int4 Shield Lite – a free solution to test SAP PO to SAP IS migration and automate this migration.

Int4 Shield – an enterprise-level test automation solution for testing SAP integration scenarios (recommended by SAP and used by SAP)

Typical Challenges and Questions about the migration

Which adapters are available?

Have a look at Standard Adapters page to find out which adapters available on SAP Process Orchestration are available on SAP Integration Suite

What will happen with my adapter modules?

Have a look at this Adapter Modules page to find out the reimplementation strategy.

How can I migrate Value mappings?

Have a look at this Value mapping page to find out how to migrate them.

What about on premise systems, can I connect them via SAP Integration Suite?

Yes, you can use Cloud Connector to do just that. 

How to handle errors in SAP IS?

Check out the official version on Error Handling.

What are my transporting options?

Check out the official version on Transporting Options.

How can I test my migration in the most efficient way?

You can use Int4 Shield Lite for free for 12 months to fully test your SAP PO to SAP IS migration. In order to see how to use it check out our course.

How to migrate ESR Proxies?

Have a look at our blog post – Migrating ESR Proxies from SAP PO to SAP IS.