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UiPath Automation Platform powers an excellent test tool – UiPath Test Suite. It runs on large systems and supports complex businesses, all across multiple locations.

Still, tests of connected, integrated end-to-end processes are a challenge – one that business users are likely to face.

What if we could change that? What if we could automate the process execution and validation – eliminating the need for external systems setup and reducing business engagement?

It is now possible with Int4 IFTT virtualization features and UiPath Test Suite for UI automation. Thanks to their flexibility, using IFTT & UiPath Automation Platform for end-to-end testing is easy. 

Watch our webinar to understand how to join API, interface testing, and UI automation features to accelerate and expand testing while keeping tight deadlines.


  • How does RPA backbone power an excellent test tool?

  • End-to-end testing in complex IT landscape

  • SAP UI testing made fast & smart

  • Integration (EDI, B2B) testing specifics

  • Backend validation

  • Putting it all together


Marcin Gałczyński

Marcin Gałczyński Head of Product at Int4 AG. Int4 IFTT evangelist with 17 years of leadership roles experience. Received SAP Hack2Build – Hackathon 1st Runner-up Award in May 2021.

Lev Kushnir

Lev Kushnir Director of Product Management at UI Path. Having extensive knowledge on SAP’s functionalities and offerings helps him uniquely position himself to define new product vision within the SAP ecosystem.