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Michał Krawczyk SAP Mentor, SAP Press Author
icon__calendar 2022-04-05

What are the 3 main problems during SAP S/4HANA transformation programs which can be solved by SVT solutions like Int4 IFTT?


Service virtualization and testing (SVT) solutions like Int4 IFTT (Certified ABAP addon for SAP Solution Manager ? SAP Solman) provide SAP developers and SAP functional consultants with ways to quickly simulate the interfaces/APIs of any 3rd party, non-SAP systems as well as B2B/EDI partners. Simulating those external systems allows to quickly run test scenarios during the development (DEV) and integration (SIT) phases of the project. This allows your SAP S/4HANA projects can be delivered and tested on time and within budget.

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Michał Rohnka SAP ABAP and Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2022-01-31

How to automate business scenario testing with Int4 IFTT and Tricentis Test Automation for SAP

The dream of automated testing and the end goal of many test automation projects is to automate the whole process from end to end. Processes like Order to Cash or Procure to Pay. The holy grail is to replicate all the triggers, integrations, and manual steps involved in the process with a click of a button. Then wait for the results and verify if the system correctly executed all the steps along the process. Next, go to the details, the single values on each document, and the interface involved in the process. 

Int4 IFTT is a script-less SAP API testing tool to test all your integrations. It’s a powerful tool that speeds up roll-outs deployments and helps with massive regression testing of APIs. It can quickly compare created documents in the backend system and outgoing messages in any format going to any receiver. But in our search for the holy grail, we’ve got one piece missing, replication of manual action in UI. So here comes the integration of Int4 IFTT with TTA, which offers automated testing of all SAP products without restrictions on UI technologies (SAPUI5, Fiori, SAP GUI, SuccessFactors, Ariba,…). TTA is a part of SAP Solution Manager, so you may start to think big when you have Int4 IFTT installed on that same Solution Manager.

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Tomasz Maćkowski SAP Solution Architect & Full-Stack Developer
icon__calendar 2021-03-03

S/4HANA End-2-End Testing – Combining Fiori UI and Integration API Testing

As companies are migrating their ERP landscapes to the latest SAP S/4HANA solution, solutions allowing for minimization of business involvement and timeline reduction gain traction. Such migration projects are often complex and challenging in many dimensions, testing being one that is often overlooked. Int4 IFTT can support such projects by providing a cost efficient way to validate that the new solution performs as expected and integrations scenarios (B2B-EDI, integration with internal non- SAP systems, etc.) are still working.

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