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Jarosław Ziółkowski Sales Executive
icon__calendar 2020-10-09

The “big ideas” of today really are mostly very late realisations of the ideas from half a century ago.

My today’s interlocutor transfers customers’ thoughts into the source code and has been involved in the SAP industry for over 15 years. He specialises in database-related matters and loves to solve unsolvable problems.

About Machine Learning in the SAP industry, the differences between On-premise & Cloud solutions, and his adventure with SAP PRESS Book – Lars Breddemann is interviewed by Jarosław JZ Ziółkowski.
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Michał Krawczyk SAP Mentor, SAP Press Author
icon__calendar 2020-03-02

I want it all and I want it now! Smart Data Integration (SDI) – Initial Load and Real-time Replication

One of the most common situations during the data replication process is that we have two (or more) systems and we need to constantly replicate existing and newly created/changed data from one to another and then track all the changes in all these available systems.

I think that immortal Freddie Mercury actually dreamt about an initial load and real time data replication.

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Michał Krawczyk SAP Mentor, SAP Press Author
icon__calendar 2019-12-04
smart data integration transporting hana objects

Smart Data Integration (SDI) – transporting SAP HANA objects

The standard implementation procedure usually consists of such steps as development, quality assurance and production go-live.
After all the activities performed in the previous blogs, we need to find out how to move all our HANA development objects in further systems according to your transportation schema.

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