Core values

At Int4 our everyday work is guided by 3 values presented below:


Employees are the best asset to our company. At Int4 one of our core values is Balance. We work 8 hours per day and we mean it. Thanks to that we have time for our family and hobbies.


The only time people grow is when they cooperate, share knowledge and build long lasting relationships. We respect each other, teach, learn and have fun together.


We grow and develop our skills as we believe continuous learning is our spine. That makes us experts in our fields and allows us to provide excellent service to our Clients.

SAP Mentors

At Int4 we promote professional development by linking an employee with a mentor or expert who focuses on the development of the mentee. Mentoring is transformational and involves much more than simply acquiring a specific skill or knowledge. Mentoring is about a relationship and involves both the professional and the personal life.

Michał Krawczyk

SAP Press Author: 6 books about SAP integration (SAP PO, SAP AIF), SAP TechEd Speaker (>20 talks), 8x Topic Leader / Top Contributor on SAP PO forum.

Want to be a part of our team?

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