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Transport your BRFplus objects with confidence 

Transport your BRFplus objects with confidence
Michał Rohnka SAP ABAP and Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2019-11-22

Easy way to check all BRFplus objects

If you are using BRFplus, you for sure encounter issues when releasing or importing transport requests containing BRFplus objects. If you forget to activate the object, miss something in transport or have errors hidden somewhere in the BRFplus your transport will fail.

There is a solution to all those issues and the way to check all BRFplus objects in the transport or BRFplus application. SAP delivers report FDT_TRANS_MASS_CHECK  that will help you with checks you need to run on your BRFplus objects before releasing the transport request they are in. The selection screen offers the possibility to check all objects in transport or many transports. It also allows us to run those checks on the BRFplus application level. As you see below, you can even run checks on the single object passing its ID.

Object selection

The selection screen options


There are plenty other options in the selection screen. You can, for example, choose from table types in which BRFplus objects are stored, select way of grouping output, decide to include warnings or not and what is one of the most important features, ask report to try to activate inactive objects. 

Table Type Selection


Solution in practice


Let’s see how it works in practice. I’ve created intentionally error in the BRFplus table adding an empty line in the middle of the decision table content. This table is also inactive. We can imagine, that in real life, it was a miss click when you have multiple windows opened, trying to manage a few things at the same time. 

Table Contents

When I run a check on my BRFplus application I’m getting errors like below.

BRFPlus error message

This is showing me an error with my object ID, telling me exactly what is wrong, for example, that line is unreachable in current decision table configuration. What is even better, next to ID I’ve got four very useful icons that I can click on:

  • Show Object – opens object with the issue directly in BRFplus workbench, so I can fix it right away 
  • Object Data Base Entries – lists all tables and all entries in them that are related to my object
  • Object Usage Tree – another quick reference to all objects that are calling given object
  • Object Reference Tree – this is showing all the objects that given objects is referring to, so opposite to the previous button

Those four are allowing super-fast navigation directly into objects containing errors, speeding up finding issues and resolving them in no time. 

Now I can fix my issue by removing the unnecessary lines. After that, I will ask FDT_TRANS_MASS_CHECK  to activate it for me. 

Detect Before Export Problems

Remember that to be able to activate object via report you need to provide correct transport requests on the selection screen. 

I hope you find this blog useful and now you will be better prepared and more confident when you will release your BRFplus objects. 

Michał Rohnka SAP ABAP and Integration Consultant
SAP integration and ABAP consultant since 2010. Engaged in many successful international SAP projects. Currently acting as an integration architect and AIF expert. BRFplus evangelist and SAP Press author: Mapping with BRFplus Decision Tables and SAP AIF. Tabletop games enthusiast and climbing apprentice, loves to challenge himself not only at work.