About our webinar

Selenium automation for web browsers is a free, open-source, and simple-to-maintain tool that allows for automated testing of web applications. While not as advanced as commercial offerings, it’s a cost-effective alternative for test automation for web applications.

During this webinar, you will learn how to install it, record a script, and put it into use. Next, we will use the Int4 solution suite for SAP API test automation and service virtualization and combine it with the UI testing features of Selenium. Such a combination will allow for a complete end-to-end process testing of complex SAP application solutions.

Join our webinar on June 22nd to learn how to use Selenium for SAP applications and business process testing with the support of Int4 service virtualization solution.

  • 1st session: 10:00 AM CET
  • 2nd session: 4:00 PM CET


  • What is Selenium and why does it matter for SAP applications testing
  • Getting it up and running, locally and at a scale
  • Challenge of web application testing with Selenium
  • Going beyond application testing
  • Service virtualization scenarios
  • Putting it all together
  • Q&A session

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Marcin Gałczyński

Head of Product at Int4 AG. Int4 IFTT evangelist with 17 years of leadership roles experience. Received SAP Hack2Build ? Hackathon 1st Runner-up Award in May 2021.

Tomasz Maćkowski

SAP Solution Architect & Full-Stack Developer at Int4. Working with SAP technologies since 2004. Tomasz has extensive experience in architecting and developing SAP product enhancements as well as custom solutions built on SAP technology stack.