Webinar overview

Check out our exciting webinar where our experts unveil the latest features of our testing software, designed to revolutionize your testing process.

Discover how our software empowers you to effortlessly generate mass test data based on your production system and gain valuable insights into its contents.

We showcase our advanced analytical capabilities, allowing you to assess the coverage of critical business data within your test dataset.

Furthermore, learn how our innovative application of the LDA algorithm enables selective data extraction, reducing dataset size while maintaining optimal coverage.

Witness firsthand how these cutting-edge features can transform your testing strategies and enhance overall efficiency.


  • Understanding the challenges of test data creation and management
  • Introducing our testing software and its analytical capabilities
  • Analyzing the presence of business data elements in the test dataset
  • Providing a comprehensive statistical report on material numbers, customer codes, and more
  • Exploring the LDA algorithm and its role in data reduction
  • Demonstrating how to selectively pick data from buckets while maintaining coverage
  • Running a statistical report after applying LDA-based data reduction
  • Showcasing how business coverage remains intact while significantly reducing dataset size
  • Q&A Session

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