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SAP PO migration – preparation activities – How to register

Wiktor Bogdanowicz Head of Marketing
icon__calendar 2020-07-08

Join our webinar and prepare for the SAP PO migration

Join a free webinar hosted by Bruno Konieczny (Arianim) and Michał Krawczyk (Int4) on SAP PO migration preparation activities and learn:

  • Who do you need in the SAP PO migration team,
  • How many interfaces do you need to migrate,
  • How much time will the project take,
  • How to know the size of a new SAP PO, CPI /non SAP target landscape,
  • How can you speed up & secure your project,
  • What are the next steps?

Date: July, 16th

Time: 9 AM (UTC+2) + 6 PM (UTC+2)

SAP PO migration preparation steps

Whether you’re preparing for:

you need to know what you will be dealing with in terms of an effort, team setup, and project difficulty. This webinar will help you understand what kind of things you need to consider before you embark on this type of project.

Two webinar sessions

After receiving your feedback from all corners of the world, we decided to organize two separate webinar sessions.

  • July, 16th – 9 AM (UTC+2)
  • July, 16th – 6 PM (UTC+2)

Meet our hosts

Let us present the webinar hosts!


Bruno Konieczny

Integration architect and co-founder of Arianim. He has worked for global companies in Australia, Thailand, the UK and Switzerland, managing Seeburger BIS and XI/PI platforms, and building up an off-shore integration team. Privately, an avid skier.


Michał Krawczyk

Freelance SAP integration consultant with Int4. He is recognized as one of the leading SAP integration experts with more than 140 articles and blogs on SAP Community, in addition to regularly speaking at SAP events on SAP PO/PI and SAP Application Interface Framework.

Free webinar with a Q&A panel

We invite you to our special webinar “SAP PO migration – preparation activities”.  The hosts – Bruno Konieczny and Michał Krawczyk will share a lot of valuable content full of practical tips and solutions. They will also answer all your questions at a dedicated Q&A panel – you can comment and send your questions all the time, since the beginning of the webinar.

To register, please:

1. Visit our webinar website.


2. Fill the registration form:



3. That’s it! You’re registered for our webinar.

The registration deadline: July, 16th – 7 AM (UTC+2)

After registration, you will receive an email with all the necessary information. We will also send you a reminder a few days before and on the day of the webinar.

A week before the webinar, you will get a message from the ClickMeeting webinar platform, wherein you will find:

  • Invitation to join our webinar – please, accept it and add to your calendar
  • Video tutorial

Every registered person will also get a webinar recording and presentation a few days later.

See you soon!

In case of any questions, feel free to contact our Marketing Team:

We recommend you to follow us on LinkedIn where we regularly share all the updates and information about the webinar.

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