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Critical Topics during SAP Software Upgrade

Konstantinos Tsakalos SAP Integration Consultant
icon__calendar 2020-09-09

In this article you will learn:

  • Which are the most crucial SAP Software Upgrade Topics
  • Which development approach should be followed during SAP Software Upgrades
  • What does automated regression testing brings to your SAP Software Upgrade Project


Can you quickly and easily handle the most critical topics during an SAP Software Upgrade? Definitely! In this article you will find the way to avoid main complications and how to keep the whole project under control. Firstly, let me explain what I mean by SAP Software Upgrade. For any of the following projects:

  • SAP S/4 HANA Conversion
  • SAP PI dual Stack to SAP PO single stack or to SAP CPI migration
  • SAP PI to non-SAP middleware or vice versa
  • SAP system version upgrade,

the main critical points that must be handled remain the same. So, let me introduce to you my point of view on these important topics.


Software Upgrade Preparation Phase

As a former project manager, I distinguish this phase in terms of importance. If the project plan is prepared incorrectly all the phases are endangered. Getting the preparation right and getting the right team in place to manage the SAP Software Upgrade is critical to success. The right people during this phase will be able to line up all the Implementation activities, estimations, budgeting, resources and so on, in order to deliver the project successfully till the end.


Project delivery on time

Obviously, to deliver the project on time, a proper project plan is a prerequisite. Then you need to avoid multiple obstacles like missing customizing or incorrect migrated integration components that will lead to malfunctioning. Of course, such cases may drive the project to a significant delay. But there is a way to avoid project delays on SAP Software Upgrade projects. By performing regression testing you will be able to identify such issues as early as possible. Working with a regression testing tool like Int4 IFTT, you can test the implementation during the development period. So, all the issues and bugs may be eliminated even before UATs.


Avoid additional expenses

In fact, as more as your project get delayed, the costs rise unexpectedly. Again, the main factor is the right people on the right places. There should be no unpleasant surprises when experts do their job according to the project plan. But in cases when a project gets delayed, very often the testing phase is snipped, and this can only lead your project to a disaster and more expenses. Remember that properly planned Automated Regression Testing, can be much cheaper than cutting down testing. Also, note that a tool for Automated Regression Testing, like Int4 IFTT, brings cost reduction due to low involvement of external partners (customers, vendors) and business resources.


Eliminate Production Incidents

On every project the main goal is a Go-Live with zero incidents on Production. In an SAP Software Upgrade this is totally possible. You can eliminate the production incidents by simply performing regression testing. Well prepared regression tests will handle the validation of all the implementation components prior to production deployment. In fact an automated tool that will handle the regression test case creation, execution and validation is the key for the incidents elimination.



In my opinion, the right approach for an SAP Software Upgrade Project is a Test-Driven Development (TTD) approach. That way you can speed up your testing, even eliminating UATs in some cases. You can avoid unnecessary expenses, because you have automated the regression testing and the validation of the upgrade is under control. Finally, the most important aspect of automated regression testing is the possibility to eliminate production incidents and everyone is happy!

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Konstantinos Tsakalos SAP Integration Consultant
SAP developer and integration consultant since 2018. Involved in several international projects as an ABAP developer and SAP PI/PO integration consultant. Skilled and Certified at a variety of tools and integration technologies including SAP Process Orchestration (C_PO_75), SAP CPI (C_CP_I_12), SAP S/4 HANA (E_S4HCON2019) and ABAP (C_TAW12_740). Always eager to learn about new SAP technologies or interesting features and spread this knowledge through blogs.