Let’s partner up!

Are you already offering some SAP services but have been looking for a way to boost or upsell your services? You came to the right place, as a collaboration with us can be that big leap your business has been aspiring for. So why don’t you partner up with us to form a relationship that is mutually rewarding?

Strategic Partners:

Int4 as a partner

As a company, we create our own solutions in response to market needs. We identify the problem and immediately come up with a tool that solves it.  By becoming our partner, you gain a lot thanks to our approach to development and knowledge that we are always happy to share.

Int4 is…

…SAP Partner and market leader in Automated SAP Integration Testing. Our team is represented by world-famous SAP integration experts, SAP Press book authors and SAP Mentors. In Int4, we constantly try to inspire SAP community by sharing knowledge and introducing best practices in the area of SAP integration and development.

More about us

We’ve created…

…and are still developing a unique solution for automated testing in the area of SAP integration – Int4 Suite. Using Int4 Suite you will increase the testing speed in your projects, reduce the costs of solving defects and adopt the business needs fast and secure. What’s more, no 3rd party systems are required because of virtualization feature.

More about Int4 Suite

Why should you become the Int4 partner?

We live in the momentum of S/4 HANA transformations that will only intensify and become more important for the development of many companies. To help them maintain the highest performance in the market enter into a partnership with Int4 and incorporate our tool into your enterprise portfolio.

become a partner

Complementary solution

Reach new clients or strengthen the relationship with existing ones by offering a new service, e.g. migration/testing support, maintenance, DevOps approach implementation.

Digital transformation leader

Help your clients by creating a great digital transformation strategy for e.g by implementing Test Driven Development or Continuous Testing using Int4 Suite.

Flawless quality

Provide the highest quality products, maintenance services, and support while assisting your clients in completing advanced projects.

Faster development pace

Accomplish your business goals faster by finishing projects at an unprecedented rate. All of it without the shrink on quality!

Business growth

Extend your business by reselling Int4 Suite licenses, providing services (implementation), and training for end clients.

Pioneer of innovation

Engage in innovative projects thanks to reliable and solid technology. Use Int4 Suite as your key to the world of exciting challenges.

Take your business to the next level using Int4 Suite

For many years Int4 Suite has been transforming the way businesses work. By incorporating this technology into your business, you can significantly increase your reach, competence, and speed of development. In addition, access to the tool allows you to benefit from many useful functionalities.

Int4 Suite can be called via API from any Test tool like HP/Microfocus ALM, Test Suite, etc. for test result analytics. 

Int4 Suite supports major SAP integration platforms including the SAP PI/PO and SAP S/4HANA backend.

Access to the tool gives you an opportunity to build a customer base willing to use Int4 Suite and host their applications externally. 

It strengthens DevOps by ensuring the quality of every change introduced to application interfaces. 

The Repeater?s functionality allows the creating of complex test scenarios and fully automated execution of thousands of test cases in a matter of minutes not days.

The technology fills the gap for automated testing in the area of SAP integration. It lets you automate tests that were previously performed manually. 

The tool offers tremendous cost savings by reducing the risk of introducing changes in the area of SAP Integration. 

As our partner, you receive an unlimited Int4 Suite license for internal non-commercial use. Use it to expand your expertise in the SAP field and build your own center of excellence. 

Partner Types


As an Int4 Consultancy Partner you will either drive or support Int4 in recommending and implementing Int4 solutions, as well as joint methodologies to your prospects and customers. 

Consultancy partners can be Global and Regional System Integrators, boutique consultancies, solution providers, and Value Added Resellers.

Benefits of being a Consultancy Partner are:
  • Sharing in our success, drive joint revenue opportunities around Int4 Suite, associated value added services and project implementations
  • Additional revenue stream from the referral and reselling of Int4 Suite
  • Access to joint marketing collateral, events, technical documents and white papers
  • Exclusive access to our partner community website


Technology partners provide products and solutions that are both complementary and compatible with our own Int4 Suite platform. They have certified integrations, and allow joint development of innovative new technologies.

For our technology  partners we offer:
  • Exclusive access to documentation, drivers, testing, and tools
  • Access to our SAP experts and mentors with deep experience in SAP CPI/CPO
  • Marketing support for co-branding, joint campaigns, and new routes to market

Enter into a partnership 

There’s only one thing left on the way to becoming an Int4 partner! Book a meeting on our calendar to discuss the details of cooperation with one of our team.


Partner program requirements

Int4 provides the highest quality test automation products and integration services. Thus, Partners must get through INT4 Suite certification process and maintain well qualified personnel throughout the duration of the partnership agreement.

Readiness for a training

Readiness for participating in a technical training dedicated for Partners

Int4 Suite Certificate Verification

Pass Int4 Suite openSAP course for consultants engage in the Partner sales and implementation process

Internal technical resources

Availability of dedicated technical consultant(s) for Int4 Suite

Commercial Activities

Readiness for joint sales/marketing planning and activities

We will support you

We will provide you Train-The-Trainer trainings: we will train potential instructors or the less experienced ones, in the best ways to deliver training materials to your clients.

We will invite you to the limited access knowledge community, where our SAP Mentors an SAP Press book authors share their knowledge.

We will help you in setting up the demo environment and (the demo) landscape.

We will help you deliver projects for your clients.

We enable you to install an in-house Int4 Suite version for demonstrating purposes.

We will prepare all Int4 Suite technical materials with your branding.

We will provide you sales force support during the whole sales cycle if needed.

We will show you how to prepare Int4 Suite demo for your prospects and potential clients.

We will guide you step by step through our demo to assure you fully understand it.

We will deliver all the materials you need to fully support your Proof of Concept preparation.

We can support you in your first client demos and Int4 Suite PoC’s.

Your brand matters! We believe in your brand strength and recognition.

We will prepare all Int4 Suite marketing materials with your branding.

We will constantly deliver up-to-date materials.

You just need to deliver your logo/branding files.

Our graphic designer will prepare white label materials using your brand elements.

You will receive full material stack: presentations, fact sheets, studies, use cases.


Yes, absolutely. As well as working with a number of the largest global system integrators, we also see great value in the small regional and boutique independents, who are able to give us specific domain experience, and  insights into local market intelligence and business cultures.

Training is provided as part of our partner onboarding program. As we believe partners are instrumental in our success, we do not levy any charge for this. The only investment we ask is your time to become skilled in the Int4 Suite.

At Int4, we are proud of our sales and marketing teams, and by being an Int4 Partner, these teams will be at your full disposal in providing the necessary  support for solution introductions, presentations, demos, RFI/RFP preparation/responses, and contractual negotiations. 


For simplicity and consistency, we do not have levels within our program. We have two partner types, Consulting and Technology. As a Consulting partner, irrespective of size, revenue, resources; we offer the same benefits under one simple partner agreement  This approach allows our partners to operate in different engagement models (Referral, Select Referral, Reseller, OEM) , driven by the customer/project requirements.