Int4 IFTT – Use Case

SAP Integration platform migration

Scenario description

Int4 IFTT supports multiple integration platform migration projects. The typical examples:

SAP to SAP middleware:

  • Migration from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Cloud Platform Integration 
  • SAP AIF implementation for existing interfaces 
  • Reimplementation of existing interfaces in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ECC

Non SAP to SAP middleware

  • Non-SAP middleware to SAP Process Orchestration 
  • Non-SAP middleware to SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SAP to non SAP middleware

  • SAP Process Orchestration to any 3rd party middleware

In all the above projects, Int4 IFTT allows the introduction of a Test-Driven Development concept. By testing thousands of interface messages, it guaranties business correctness of the new implementation.


Problems to be solved:

  • Limited business involvement due to unchanged business requirements (compared to greenfield implementations)
  • Limited access to the vendors and customers ? already live systems. No changes outside SAP
  • Technically driven nature of conversion
  • Cannot convince business to implement technical improvements

Predicted outcome:

  • Cost reduction due to low involvement of external partners (customers, vendors) and business resources
  • Meeting all business requirements by automated testing of thousands of cases
  • Improved efficiency to Test Driven Development (TTD) approach

Int4 IFTT enables integration platform migration by:

  • Repeater feature – utilized for testing thousands of existing messages and documents, without real connections to integrated systems
  • Testing all the integration scenarios based on IDocs, Proxies and AIF in both inbound and outbound directions
  • Integration with the end to end automation testing tools while providing support for the business process testing by virtualization of connected systems

Int4 IFTT is not only about middleware migration testing

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