Int4 IFTT – Use Case

Test automation for SAP Rollout projects

Scenario description

During the global SAP implementations, the central template is rolled out across the countries. It is a common practice to reuse the existing SAP interfaces and extend their scope by incorporating new senders and receivers or implementing the new local requirements. However, this sounds good from a project point of view, but it complicates the testing.
In parallel, the ongoing project work for the new site implementations is mixed with the maintenance of live sites (requests for changes and defects).
The Int4 IFTT responds to all the above challenges and allows to automate the testing for SAP rollouts with minimal effort.

Problems to be solved:

  • Functional regression testing of interfaces cannot be easily performed by the project team
  • Resources of third party systems need to be involved in the testing
  • Maintenance of project and support environments
  • Consolidation of changes

Predicted outcome:

  • Fast pace introduction of changes
  • Reliable test results confirming both new functionalities and maintenance defects
  • Overall cost reduction thanks to shift left and early defect resolution

Int4 IFTT enables SAP Rollout projects by:

  • Virtualization of connected systems – Testing SAP environment without third-parties involvement
  • Test automation both on messages (SAP PO, SAP CPI) and business document level (SAP S/4HANA)
  • Bringing technical interface testing to the functional level
  • Immediate confirmation that new changes are not breaking the integration flows in the live sites

Int4 IFTT supports not only SAP Rollout projects

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