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Jarosław Ziółkowski Sales Executive
icon__calendar 2020-10-02

Autonomous system such as Tesla autopilot could be a future of the ERP

My today’s guest has more than ten years of experience in the SAP industry. Initially, he started the career as an SAP Technical consultant; later, dived more into the SAP HCM Functional areas. As a consultant, he worked on both implementation and support projects. Currently, SuccessFactors Integration is the key topic for him. In his free time, developing film and sound editing skills.

About the application design process, innovations introduced recently by SAP, and his vision of the future of ERP systems – Sudeesh Kumar Ravindran is interviewed by Jarosław JZ Ziółkowski.

Reading time: 5 minutes

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Jarosław Ziółkowski Sales Executive
icon__calendar 2020-09-25

SAP Application Server is like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Commando movie

My today’s guest wanted to be a cosmonaut such as Yurij Gagarin. He even graduated from the Aerophysics and Cosmic Research Faculty of MIPT. Today he is a skilled SAP consultant in application integration, interface development, system administration and mobile technologies, with over 15 years of experience comprising leading complex SAP projects on platform deployment and roll-out. What’s more he is on friendly terms with the cybersecurity matters.

About the differences between SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP ECC in practice, cybersecurity in the IT industry, Cloud solutions and common challenges in the work of an ERP Integration Architect – Mikhail Groshev is interviewed by Jarosław JZ Ziółkowski.

Read the interview in the Russian language

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Jarosław Ziółkowski Sales Executive
icon__calendar 2020-09-18

The rapid pace of change today is accepted as the new norm

My today’s interlocutor was born in the UK but lived most of his life in Sydney Australia where he studied Computing and Econometrics. He has worked in many countries around the world and for many large organisations. Bruno has a diverse background covering 25 years – ABAP programming, integration experience in Seeburger, and then SAP XI/PI, software asset management, innovation, and IT architecture. He has also worked as a ski instructor. He now lives in Switzerland where he runs his own company Arianim where he is the Strategic Architect.

About the IT industry in the late 80s, the innovations introduced by SAP, his company called Arianim, and the future of the SAP systems in his eyes – Bruno Konieczny  is interviewed by Jarosław JZ Ziółkowski.
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Jarosław Ziółkowski Sales Executive
icon__calendar 2020-08-28

F1 Race, straight to the targets!

My today’s caller, unlike previous interlocutors, operates in the SAP industry in a non-technical way. He works as a Head of Marketing at Int4, creating, and executing a relationship-based marketing strategy, designed to bring value to the SAP community. He’s an inspirational public speaker, traveler who visited over 20 countries and personal development lover as well.

About the “Growth Hacking” in the SAP world, the marketing point of view of the technical matters, new formats for delivering useful content to the SAP community and the life of Digital Nomad –  Wiktor Bogdanowicz  is interviewed by Jarosław JZ Ziółkowski.
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