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icon__calendar 2020-07-15

SAP consultants wearing high heels – let’s talk about (and with) women in Tech!

Although gender equality is undeniably a crucial value in the SAP world, the number of women building their careers in this area is relatively low. The IT industry is still male-dominated but I’ve got this feeling that a huge change is coming. It’s exciting to see that there are more and more women who apply, grow, and succeed in SAP.

As a woman who has a chance to meet, watch and cooperate with a lot of amazing girls working in SAP-related roles every day, I feel obligated to share my thoughts with you and show you how amazing they are!

I had a pleasure to ask my female colleagues who work in Tech a few questions about their experiences, observations, and advice – you will find them below.

Enjoy your reading!

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icon__calendar 2020-07-06

Int4 – probably the most prolific company in the world in sharing knowledge about SAP Integration

It’s not a secret that at Int4 we bet on knowledge sharing. Our priority is to provide the SAP Community with value in the form of educational content. We do our best to spread our experience in accessible and interesting ways, so you can learn with us and make your work easier and more effective. Giving you useful tips and solutions makes us feel satisfied and motivated to develop ourselves.

With 2 SAP Mentors, 10 SAP PRESS authors and over 30 specialists on board, we grow every single day and share what we’ve learned with you!

Let’s take a look at the sources of knowledge provided by Int4 Team.

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icon__calendar 2020-04-07

Int4 brand is changing for you

Over the last few months, a lot of evolutions and so much growth have taken place at Int4. Within only half a year the Sales, Marketing and Human Resources departments were established. We’ve also welcomed the second SAP Mentor Eng Swee Yeoh on board, published a new SAP Press book: ‘Mapping with BRFplus Decision Tables and SAP AIF‘ by the 8th SAP Press author in our company, and opened the second office in Warsaw.

At the turn of the decades, we felt it was the right time for the next, important change – new visual identity.

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