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Wiktor Bogdanowicz Head of Marketing
icon__calendar 2020-08-25

Developing Groovy Scripts for SAP CPI – How to register?

Join our webinar and learn how to use Groovy Scripts for testing and integration!

Join a free webinar hosted by Vadim Klimov and Eng Swee Yeoh on SAP CPI Groovy Scripts and learn:

  • Why use Groovy in SAP CPI?
  • How to start working on Groovy developments in CPI?
  • Get some tips and tricks to use for Groovy development
  • See a sample Groovy development in action

Date: September, 10th

Time: 9 AM (UTC+2) + 3 PM (UTC+2)

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Wiktor Bogdanowicz Head of Marketing
icon__calendar 2020-07-08

SAP PO migration – preparation activities – How to register

Join a free webinar hosted by Bruno Konieczny (Arianim) and Michał Krawczyk (Int4) on SAP PO migration preparation activities and learn:

  • Who do you need in the SAP PO migration team,
  • How many interfaces do you need to migrate,
  • How much time will the project take,
  • How to know the size of a new SAP PO, CPI /non SAP target landscape,
  • How can you speed up & secure your project,
  • What are the next steps?

Date: July, 16th

Time: 9 AM (UTC+2) + 6 PM (UTC+2)

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Wiktor Bogdanowicz Head of Marketing
icon__calendar 2020-03-25

COVID-19 Manifesto

Dear Friends,

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has created a global health and economic crisis that is testing every one of us. We are aware that the results of this virus are severe and unanticipated for our industry and all of our partners. We hope that the fears will subside and governments will help control the outbreak. That being said, we are starting to responsibly plan our help for the SAP integration industry.

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