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Wojciech Eichert SAP Integration Consultant, SAP Press author
icon__calendar 2020-12-03

SAP AIF Interface Monitor (/AIF/IFMON) – useful features you might have overlooked

The topic of initial setup or SAP AIF Interface Monitor (/AIF/IFMON) was covered by my colleague Mateusz Nowak in his blog. As a follow up I wanted to give a brief introduction to the SAP AIF Interface Monitor and a few of its features that are easily overlooked.

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Wojciech Eichert SAP Integration Consultant, SAP Press author
icon__calendar 2020-09-01

Speed up Int4 IFTT test case creation using Message Selector

To aid test case creation process Int4 IFTT provides Message Selector – an enhanced search help utility built into Int4 IFTT Cockpit. It facilitates the often difficult task of picking the right messages for the test cases. Directly from the Int4 IFTT cockpit, you get to search for messages on your SAP PI system including advanced selection based on message content. So how does it work?

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Wojciech Eichert SAP Integration Consultant, SAP Press author
icon__calendar 2020-08-19

Bank Communication Management (BCM) – Collective Payment Order Notification In (CPON) mapping

When working with Bank Communication Management (BCM) you want to efficiently handle the confirmations for your payments. It’s vital to have up to date information about the status of your payment at various steps of it’s processing as quickly as possible. and usually you’ll receive multiple status updates. Was it processed correctly? Has its delivery failed or maybe it was rejected by the bank for some other reason? That’s where the BCM payment confirmations come into play. SAP offers two ways to handle confirmations listed below – you can decide to use only one approach or a combination of the two, depending on the requirement.

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Wojciech Eichert SAP Integration Consultant, SAP Press author
icon__calendar 2019-10-23

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) in SAP PI/PO using Secure Connectivity Add-on

When developing SAP PI/PO interfaces, one might come across a requirement to provide a more secure way of sending messages back and forth. Especially, when setting up communication with banks, you want to ensure files send to bank reach their destination with original content. We want to be sure nobody modified details of our payment. This requirement can be met with use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software, provided with SAP PGP module and adapter modules it provides. The idea behind PGP is to encrypt the message in such a way that only the intended recipient can decrypt it’s content. This is achieved using shared keys.

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